We are built on the principle that we can expand and streamline access for patients, providers and payers through integrated technology, information and on-demand delivery models that are easy to access, efficient and cost-effective.

As technology rapidly changes how people communicate and access services, one thing remains true: when it comes to healthcare, people still look to who they trust.

Our care delivery is built on a proven foundation as a national leader in EMS and medical transportation. Millions of people rely on our EMS professionals in their time of need and trust us to deliver care into their homes. Our digital transportation and telehealth solutions extend that trust into broader levels of medical care in conjunction with our hospital partners, delivering Healthcare Anywhere.

We are focused on ensuring patients receive the right care whenever and wherever they need it.

Foundation in EMS & Medical Transportation

Since our founding as Priority Ambulance in 2013 in Knoxville, TN, we have expanded into 14 states through acquisitions, new contracts and startups to become one of the leading and fastest-growing ambulance providers in the nation. Central to our track record of success is our strong belief that a partnering approach with customers builds superior, long-lasting relationships. More than half of our 560,000 annual patient transports originate through requests from healthcare facilities, and the balance of our transports are in response to public calls to 911. These have increasingly been made through our integrated patient logistics solution, StatCall. Our highly trained paramedics, EMTs and nurses staff a fleet of more than 777 state-of-the-art ambulances and EMS-related vehicles with the latest medical equipment and technology.

Telehealth Expands Healthcare Anywhere

In 2021, we advanced our services in out-of-hospital care with the acquisition of a full-featured telehealth company, OnDemand Visit. OnDemand Visit offers a comprehensive range of direct-to-consumer telehealth services, apps, AI-empowered analytics and treatment planning, and private telehealth kiosks. We also view telehealth as a perfect pairing with EMS. As a longtime provider of emergency services, we have a unique understanding of emergency service utilization. We know that not all calls to 911 require a lights-and-siren trip to the hospital. In many cases, low-acuity illnesses and injuries can be treated in the home, at an urgent care center or a doctor’s office. With a full range of telehealth capabilities, we are uniquely situated to deliver the right care from any location from the very first call. With an on-scene EMT or paramedic extending physician and mid-level practitioner care beyond the screen, patients can receive the medical care of an urgent care or office visit without leaving home.

Tech-enabled Solutions Streamline Patient Logistics

Throughout our company’s history, we have embraced cutting-edge technology and ensured our best-in-class ambulance fleets use innovative safety systems to better serve patients, hospital partners and customers. For that reason, in June 2020 we made an initial investment in software development company Randseco and began offering its StatCall patient logistics solution to our hospital and healthcare facility customers. Since then, we have worked together to optimize the StatCall suite of technology products. StatCall streamlines patient transportation management through a digital platform that allows facilities to order, track and report all modes and levels of transportation. From rideshare to critical care ambulance service, StatCall uses a single system that works within existing electronic patient record systems and staff workflows. StatCall acts as a digital translator between isolated tech environments, ensuring patient data is seamlessly transferred among all transportation providers, medical facilities and payers for compliant, efficient billing. The digital platform has been met with tremendous success among our customers who have married this technology with their discharge and transfer planning. We acquired 100% ownership of Randseco in June 2021 and will continue to invest in StatCall to build an even more powerful solution to benefit anyone who orders, receives or pays for transportation in healthcare settings.

With our acquisitions of OnDemand Visit and Randseco, we have expanded and enhanced the Priority model to meet the changing needs of an evolving and modern healthcare ecosystem. Priority OnDemand expands access for patients, providers and payers through tech-enabled, on-demand delivery models that are easy to access, efficient and cost-effective.